Top Benefits for Weaverville Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Harwood Cleaning ServiceIt is hard to believe that for a few years, people who bought homes with hardwood floors actually would spend money having them covered with things like green, shag carpet. The only bonus was following that fad some lucky owners bought homes with hidden gems of hardwood flooring once they pulled up the out of date carpeting.

Hardwoods are now a classic choice. And some owners without them pay the investment to have them installed. Wood floors are durable, stunning and easy to clean in addition to a slew of other benefits. But that isn’t to say that this option for flooring doesn’t come without the need to clean and maintain in order to get longevity in return.

The Advantages of Wood Flooring

If you are contemplating whether to go with wood or carpeting keep in mind that both will still require professional grade cleaning. Aside from that, here are some things to consider about hardwood floors:

  • Resale value – Want to make the most of your property value? The clear choice is hardwood. It can even make a better first impression and make a potential buyer more likely to choose your home over one with carpeting.

  • Allergens – owners are getting savvier about the importance of making a home a clean and allergen free space for family members and pets. While carpet clings to dust, dander and dirt, hardwood does not. This is especially essential to anyone who has allergies, asthma or similar related health concerns.

  • Taking care of spills – Spill grape juice on a carpet and even professional cleaners may not be able to salvage it. Spill it on a wood floor and you simply wipe it away. Of course wood floors must be properly maintained and refinished and sealed on a regular basis in order to make this possible.

  • Longevity – With proper care, your wood floors should outlast your carpeting by decades. Plus, wood floors will look better after even only a few years when compared to carpeting.

Taking Care of Business

In order to make sure you get long lasting wear and beauty from your wood floors you have to take good care of them though. Letting professional experts take care of a regular cleaning is one way to make this possible. And at Blue Ridge Floor Care, this is exactly what we do.

When it comes to all of your Weaverville hardwood floor cleaning you can count on us. Ask around and you will hear the same from all of our satisfied customers. We look forward to meeting with you and finding out all that we can do for you.

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