Which Cleaning Method Is Best for Different Carpet Fibers?

professional carpet cleanerKeeping your carpets cleaned is an extremely important part of maintaining the cleanliness, health, and quality of your buisness. It's important to not only regularly vacuum and spot clean your Buisness's carpets, but also to have your carpets regularly cleaned by a professional. However, it's also important to make sure that your carpets are cleaned properly, and different types of carpet fibers need to be cleaned in different ways in order to keep them great condition.

Having professional and thorough carpet cleaning performed is important, but no matter what kind of fibers your carpets are made of, you should never use soap, laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent, or other strong household cleaning agents to try to clean carpets on your own. When you depend on the professional Asheville carpet cleaners and Blue Ridge Floor Care, we'll be able to determine the best ways to thoroughly clean your carpets without causing any damage. We've also put together a short list of different carpet fibers and the best ways to clean them:

Synthetic Fibers

The majority of carpets today are manufactured using synthetic fibers, like nylon, polyester, or olefin. Most of the time, these can be cleaned easily with any method and they won't be damaged, but our professionals will make sure that we use the best methods for your carpeting. If you don't depend on our Asheville carpet cleaners to complete this task professionally, however, you should refer to the manufacturer's recommendation for proper cleaning methods.

Natural Fibers

Natural fibers can require a lot of special care. There are plenty of benefits that natural fibers have over synthetic ones, but they're also more expensive and often more easily damaged. If your carpeting is made from any of the following natural fibers, it will require professional care:

  • Wool Fibers

When wool fibers are being cleaned, it's important that they aren't exposed to excessive heat and that they aren't agitated. Our professionals will treat any wool fiber carpets in your Asheville home with extreme care while also ensuring that it is totally cleaned.

  • Silk

Silk fiber carpeting should only be cleaned using dry-cleaning methods. Silk fibers are very delicate and can be damaged by high temperatures, high pH levels, and sunlight—plus, they can lose their strength if they get wet. Never attempt to clean silk fiber carpets with the help of our qualified professionals.

  • Plant Fibers

Carpets made of plant fibers like sisal, jute, coconut, pineapple, ramie or hemp should also only be cleaned by a professional. It's very easy to do serious damage to these types of carpeting, but we'll be able to ensure high quality cleanings.

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