Asheville Residential Cleaning Packages

Asheville Residential Cleaning PackagesAt Blue Ridge Floor Care we offer three different levels of Asheville residential cleaning packages: Platinum, Gold & Silver. The Silver package is $45 per room and $9 per hall and includes vacuuming, cleaning and carpet grooming. The Gold package is $55 a room and $11 for the hallway and includes the same services but also has limited furniture moving, Roto brushing, pre-treatment and pre-scrubbing, plus free professional spotter services.

Finally, the best investment available is our Platinum package at $65 a room and $15 per hallway. This covers everything from the other two packages but also includes deodorizing, applying protector and wiping down of baseboards. Additionally, you may want to include stair cleaning of $3.00 per stair and owner cleaning of $12 per lineal foot. The per room pricing is based on a maximum of 200 square feet per room; overages are $.37 per square foot for Platinum, $.28 for Gold and $.23 for Silver.

Hall pricing is based on a maximum of 40 square feet per hallway. Overages will be the same as those listed above for rooms. The minimum job charge is $95. The per room pricing does not include pet urine treatments or removal of red dye spots, as these types of spots often require additional removal steps.

Removal cannot be guaranteed. Due to the nature of some spots, which may actually be permanent stains, we cannot guarantee spot removal. Deodorizer is a topical and temporary fragrance designed to provide a pleasant scent. It is not effective on a long term basis and may not be effective against certain issues such as pet urine or smoke. If you are ready for the best in Asheville carpet cleaning then give us a call here at Blue Ridge Floor Care.

Your Asheville Residential Cleaning Packages Experts

You are going to love the way your home looks and smells after letting us take care of your professional Asheville residential cleaning package. Keep in mind, because our roto brush is so effective at digging up soil and pet hair from the base of carpet fibers, we do not recommend the Silver package for clients who have had pets in their home. And when it comes to furniture moving, what we can move includes:

  • Standard 6-7 foot sofas (no sleep sofas or sectionals)
  • Love Seat
  • Chair
  • End Tables or Coffee Table (Clients must first remove all items from tables prior to move)

And the items which we cannot move include:

  • Pianos
  • Hutches
  • Electronics
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Dressers
  • Nightstands
  • Beds

It is a case by case basis so we reserve the right to refuse furniture we deem too heavy or risky to move and this service is only available for the Gold and Platinum package.

If you are ready to have your flooring looking better than brand new, give us a call so we can get started today!

If you are looking for an Asheville residential cleaning package, then please call 828-775-0951 or complete our online request form.