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Blue Ridge Floor Care is dedicated to providing you with the best in Asheville carpet cleaning and other related professional services. Since 2011, we have been the leading name to trust in this type of cleaning service.We are committed to offering the best in everything we do. This includes using quality products and techniques to produce excellent cleaning outcomes.

We listen to the needs of each individual customer so that we can be sure you are getting the service you need. Our driving force is taking care of the customers we have and making sure they are completely satisfied with the work we do. Contact us today to take advantage of your free estimate.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Asheville Carpet Cleaning

While you certainly want your business clean for your employees and customers, it is about more than possibly breathing in trapped dust and dirt. In your place of business you also need to be concerned about making a good first impression.

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Carpet Cleaning

Our most popular service here at Blue Ridge Floor Care is Asheville carpet cleaning for commercial locations. We utilize a revolutionary approach that sets up apart from the competition. Our process includes a low moisture system that cleans instead of steams. This gives you a deeper clean with a rapid drying time which can be the difference between mere minutes as opposed to hours or days. The great part is that our chemicals and methods are also industry approved but also eco-friendly so you can feel good about making the Blue Ridge Floor Care choice.

The process we use also prevents the wicking problem. Wicking is a condition in which stains reappear shortly following a cleaning and happens through the evaporation process. Our techniques eliminate this issue leaving you with clean, spot free carpets. Keep in mind, we also offer night and weekend appointments for your convenience.

Why Hire Blue Ridge Floor Care

Blue Ridge Floor Care has been taking care of all kinds of flooring since first opening the business in 2011. We initially focused our efforts on commercial clients. While servicing commercial clients, Blue Ridge Floor Care has become synonmous with quality service in the Asheville area. We offer friendly and professional service to all of our customers no matter what size the job is. We are proud to be serving the Asheville area.

Buisness Upholstery Cleaning

You invest a great deal of time choosing just the right furnishings for your business. More than likely, you also spent a fair amount of money on this aspect of your commercial space. So you want to get as long a lifespan from your upholstered furniture as possible. Of course from the moment these pieces are delivered they are subjected to constant wear and tear. Before long they look dirty and rundown.

Before you assume the only option you have is replacing your furniture, give the Blue Ridge Floor Care team a call. We offer professional grade buisness cleaning that will restore your furniture to as good as new condition. Don’t make a poor first impression with furnishings that have seen better days. And don’t take on the expense of all new furnishings when we can make them look brand new again.

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